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Most popular Keynote templates (2019)

Creating Keynote presentations can be a very mind boggling process. Thanks to free Keynote templates on this website, you can easily build a high quality demonstration without deep knowledge of Apple Keynote app.

Here is a collection of the 10 best free Keynote templates in 2019. Download and create eye-catching and beautiful presentations for all kinds of business projects and educational demonstrations.

This is a detailed timeline template, which is excellent if you want some professional timeline element dropped into your MAC presentation. All shapes and details inside this theme are vector-based, so you can easily edit and change timeline color, size and so on.

7 unique timelines are included inside this free Keynote file.

Another excellent template, which is just an incredible flowchart resource for any presentation. It will save you a lot of time and make your presentation look more professional and powerful.

Download and use it if you need a flowchart component added to your Apple presentation.

All components inside this theme are vector-based, which means you will be able to quickly switch flow chart color, size, shadows, etc. Play with it and create your authentic flowchart.

This is an outstanding Keynote Tree Diagram pack, which consists of six unique vector tree objects. This Keynote file will help you to build a wonderful tree hierarchy yourself.

This free item holds everything you lack to build your tree – it can be a family tree or a branch of different business administration levels. It uses original Apple Keynote blocks and models, so it is easy to edit and push objects around.

Space Keynote theme was designed for Science and Astronomy demonstrations.

Use this free theme for presentations about our solar system, showcase different planets or stars. Basic (not science-based) Keynote slideshows will work just fine too. 9 unique slides are included, alter them how your project requires.

Another amazing Vintage theme, which is great for simple and elegant Keynote demonstrations.

This Apple Keynote template has a classical vintage background, so it is a perfect template for special occasions like weddings or anniversaries.

With a strong mixture of white color and vintage beauty, this free item is perfect to keep the attention of your viewers.

If you need Keynote Quiz pack, this theme is just for you!

Create a quiz presentation where you can test the understanding of some topic, add complex questions and determine a winner.

It has 8 different slides to select from. Quickly alter them, remove different componenets and create your own quiz in Apple Keynote. It has everything you need to build a professional quiz.

Artistic touch Apple Keynote theme is perfect for simple business demonstrations. In this free Apple file, improved Keynote elements are being used.

It uses light-blue background theme, which is suitable for light and fresh presentations.

The professional design of this Apple Keynote presentation will show off your newest ideas in clear and obvious manner!

Another great Keynote resource file of Pyramid set. If you need to demonstrate hierarchy and its relationships in a more visually appealing way, this pyramid items is a way to go.

It has 6 unique pyramid components. Dowload it for free.

Amazing Keynote SWOT item was built for business and marketing presentations. S.W.O.T. is shorter for strengthsweaknessesopportunities, and threats.

It is a free Keynote file of 9 different swot themes. Copy and paste them into your presentation easily. All elements and forms inside are easily changeable to fit your needs.

If you have a business product to present or marketing presentation upcoming, try using Business Ideas theme.

It can be used for all formal and informal presentations regarding business, finance, economy among many other topics.

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