Opening Text Titles

Keynote-Text-Titles-22 Keynote-Text-Titles-21 Keynote-Text-Titles-20 Keynote-Text-Titles-19 Keynote-Text-Titles-18 Keynote-Text-Titles-17 Keynote-Text-Titles-16 Keynote-Text-Titles-15 Keynote-Text-Titles-14 Keynote-Text-Titles-13Keynote-Text-Titles-12 Keynote-Text-Titles-11 Keynote-Text-Titles-10 Keynote-Text-Titles-9 Keynote-Text-Titles-8 Keynote-Text-Titles-7 Keynote-Text-Titles-6 Keynote-Text-Titles-5 Keynote-Text-Titles-4Keynote-Text-Titles-2 Keynote-Text-Titles-1 Keynote-Text-Titles-23


This is simple keynote text titles pack, which is just great if you need a professional opening slide in your MAC presentation.

Change colors and replace these titles with your own.  More than 20+ different opening slides for your new wonderful keynote presentation.

Opening Text Titles
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Size: 1024 x 768   |   Font: Lora   |   Slides: 23

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